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DTDC series of desolventizer is the best choice for wet meal desolventization, it can finish the desolventization and drying for the extracted meal, cool down the meal to only 5-10℃ higher than the environment temperature, pack and store directly.

Desolventizer Manufacturer

Desolventizer Description

Desolventizer’s working principle is in the following:

The wet meal discharged from the bottom of extractor, make partial solvent evaporation,meal temperature rises.

The pre-toasted meal falls down in the ventilation disc,open pores at the bottom of ventilation disc, make the secondary steam of the desolventization layer pass through solvent in the pre-toasting meal of the ventilation disc, the ventilation disc bottom is also with indirect steam interlayer, fill in the indirect steam to heat the material layer, this kind of equipment has two ventilation layers, the meal falls in the desolventization layer from the automatic flow controlling gate.

It fills direct steam at the bottom of desolventization layer, make vapor distillation on the solvent in the meal, to remove full amount of solvent, it sets auto control at the desolventization layer, the material controller controls the feeding valve rotation speed to keep the material level.

The desolventized meal enters in the sixth energy-saving layer through the feeding valve,the energy-saving layer adopts drying to remove partial moisture in the meal, utilize the hot pump principle to make the evaporated hot steam as the direct steam of the desolventization layer, save the steam dosage effectively. When the dehydration achieves to safety requirement at the 7th and 8th cooling layer, convey out from the workshop by scrape conveyor.

Evaporation-Evaporation&stripping-Stripping-Drying-Cooling, its international up-to-date structure type, unique material door mechanism,effective meal powder capture system has strong regulation control ability on the production capacity、material level on each layer,desolventization effect, meal color,meal protein denaturation degree、energy-saving effect. Provide the conditions on advanced technical index.

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With a track record of successfully delivering turnkey projects for both large industrial oil plants and small scale oil mill, we have the expertise needed to design and implement the right solution for your edible oil production needs and budget.

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  • Project experience across countries and regions

    The grease projects undertook cover more than ten provinces and cities including Shandong, Fujian, Shanxi, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang, and the complete sets of equipment were exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Thailand, and the general contracting of engineering technology was completed.

  • Exclusive Patented Technology

    As a result of its patented technologies in New technologies for energy saving and environmental protection, and Intelligent factory automation control, FY Extractio has achieved remarkable results.

    Through our work, China’s rice bran oil and woody premium grade oil have made great progress, and we have helped the company build a good reputation and accumulate a lot of strength in the industry.

  • Cooperation With University

    With long-term cooperation with Henan University of Technology, FY Extractio has great engineering design and research capabilities, complete scientific research, design, office hardware, and advanced computer design software;

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    We will be available even during Chinese New Year to provide you with the fastest response possible.We are available for meetings, emails, messaging any time during your working day.