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FY Extractio is your trusted source for top-quality oil pressing machines. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we offer a range of innovative and efficient oil press machinery to help you extract oil from various sources. Trust us to provide reliable and effective solutions for your oil pressing needs.

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One Stop edible oil production line Supplier And Oil Plant Equipment Manufacturer

FY Extractio is your one-stop-supplier for all your edible oil production line needs. As a leading oil plant equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide high-quality automatic processing machinery designed to extract oil from various oilseeds. Our equipment is competitively priced and low-cost to maintain, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to maximize productivity and produce oil at a lower cost.

At FY Extractio, we offer a range of oil plant equipment designed to extract oil from various sources, including seeds, nuts, and fruits. Our processing machinery is designed to maximize productivity and efficiency, while also ensuring high-quality oil production. With our equipment, you can streamline your oil production process and produce high-quality oil that meets your specific needs. Plus, our machinery is designed to be low-cost to maintain, providing you with a reliable and cost-effective solution for your oil production needs.

Types of oil press machines We carry

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Oil Settling Tank

The oil settling tank is special equipment for oil pressing working,mainly used for removing the residue solid particles in the… ...

Counterflow Cooler

Counterflow cooler is widely used in the solid particles cooling in the oil production industry,such as pellet material,expand material, flaking… ...

Oil Expander

The big series of expander which is invented by our company, it is with advanced and reasonable structure,stable mechanical ability,outstanding… ...

Oil Press

Oil press is suitable for soybean, cottonseed, rapeseed,castor seed, sunflower seed, groundnut, has screw press and pre-press machine for your… ...

Husk de-huller

According to the soybean de-hulling actual requirement, stem from the soybean biochemical and physicochemical characters research, FY Extractio invented a… ...

Steam Cooker

Why steam cooker:Crack the cellulose further,coagulate and denature protein,good for oil extracting from the embryos,also the crude oil quality improvement. ...


Flaker flaking utilizes the mechanism to press the material into flakes, crack the seeds cellular structure,shorten the oil yeild routing,… ...


A cracker in oil making is a type of equipment used to crack or break down the oilseed material into… ...

Shelling Machine

Shelling machine is suitable for husking process of soybean, cottonseed,sunflower, groundnut,rapeseed,Tung seed,castor, flaxseed etc. ...

TQSF Gravity Destoner

Gravity destoner is used for oil seeds grading and destoning, with pneumatic separation, can remove the light impurities(grass seed,dust,etc) effectively.… ...

Cleaning Sieve

Cleaning sieve is suitable for soybean,rapeseed,sunflower seed, cottonseed, groundnut,sesame,etc, used for removing big and small size impurities compared with the… ...


The cyclone deduster utilizes the centrifugal force generated by swirling air flow to separate the dust particles from the air… ...

Buried Scrape Conveyor

Buried scrape conveyor is special grain scrape conveyor,its scrape chain operation speed increase greatly than normal kind of conveyor. Normal… ...

Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is with new structure, bearing of head and tail part moves to outside of housing; the middle… ...

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is used for continuous vertical conveying grain, it covers small space,big conveying capacity,low power consumption,widely used in edible… ...

What is hydraulic oil press and screw oil press in cooking oil production?

Hydraulic oil press and screw oil press are two common types of oil press machines used in cooking oil production. 

A hydraulic oil press uses hydraulic pressure to extract oil from seeds or nuts. The machine typically consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a piston, which applies pressure to the source material, forcing the oil out. Hydraulic oil presses are often used for producing high-quality oil from sources such as peanut and coconut.

A screw oil press, on the other hand, uses a screw or worm shaft to apply pressure to the source material, forcing the oil out. The machine typically operates at a lower temperature than a hydraulic press, which results in crude oil with a higher nutritional value. Screw oil presses are often used for producing cold-press oil from sources such as peanut and coconut.

Both hydraulic oil press and screw oil press offer benefits depending on the source material and desired outcome. Hydraulic oil presses are often used for producing high-quality oil, while screw oil presses are often used for producing cold-press oil with a higher nutritional value. Ultimately, the choice between the two types of oil press machines will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Technical Glossary Of Oil Expeller 

Multiple hull beater

Each semicircular screen on the bottom has a beater above the screen and is used as a screening machine for separating cotton seed hulls.

hull beater

Also known as a “round beater sieve”. With a rotating shaft equipped with beater bars, the shaft and the sieve cylinder rotate at different speeds.

aspirated plansifter

Machines that combine screening and wind screening.


Wind-powered device that separates oil from impurities.

magnetic separator

Magnetic impurities can be removed from raw materials with this device.

fluidized-bed dryer

Drys oil through a bed of oilseed particles with hot air.

disc huller

A machine that crushes oilseeds by rolling teeth between grinding discs.

Grinding disc/grinding pan

The main working element of a disc huller, made up of 46 grinding discs.

bar huller

Basically it’s a rotating drum and knife plate holder. Oil shell peeling machinery is made by shearing the knife plate on the drum and the knife plate on the knife plate holder.

toothed roll decorticator

This machine crushes shells by shearing and squeezing them with two toothed rolls with diagonal grooves on the surface. It has a feeding roll, toothed roll device, machine shell, transmission device, etc.

Bar-cage decorticator

Peanut shells are crushed by a rotating shaft and knife plate squeezing and striking each other.

kernel husk separator

Separating shell and kernel mixture after shelling with a sieving machine.

hull and seed separator

Equipment for separating hull and whole seed by air separation.

combined huller and separator

A machine that combines hulling and separating mechanisms.

soybean hull separator

Screening and wind selection equipment for separating soybean hulls from kernels. It separates soybean hulls from kernels based on particle size and suspension speed after hulling.

toothed cracking roll

A machine that cracks dried coconut and round cakes with toothed rolls.

conditioner/softening kettle

Softening equipment with a cylindrical layer and steam jacket.

flaker/flaking roll/flaking mill

The machine basically consists of two or more rollers rotating in opposite directions, and the oil passes between the rollers from granular to flaky.

hydraulic flaking roll

Hydraulic flaking mill that uses two rolls to control pressure.


A roll mill’s main part is its roll body and roll shaft.

roller mill

A machine that fixes and grinds rolls so they’re round, straight, and smooth. It has a grinding wheel, guide rail, feeding mechanism, and transmission. When the middle of the roll is worn out than the two ends, the middle roll diameter gets smaller, so the bus line isn’t straight, and the roll surface has spots or flaking, which affects the quality.

Vertical stack cooker

This is a layer of frying equipment that overlaps several single steamers with stirrers inside.

horizontal cooker

Horizontal cylinders with stirrers inside.

flat bottom cooker

Also known as a “direct fire fryer”. It’s a flat-bottom fryer with a stirring device and a direct flame.


Crushing equipment that reduces the size of oil by mechanical means. Impact, shear, extrusion, grinding, etc., are used for crushing. Crushing equipment includes toothed roll crushers, hammer crushers, disc shellers, centrifugal shellers, etc.

specific-gravity stoner

Using the vibration of the screen surface, the specific-gravity stoner separates oil seeds from stones. The main structure consists of a feed hopper, de-stoning screen surface, air-leveling plate, boom, fan, discharge port and transmission device.

oilseed extruder

Also called an extruder. At the outlet of high pressure from the spiral system of unequal distance extrusion propulsion, shear, extrusion, heating, gluing, pasting, and other effects of tissue denaturation, oil instantly goes into atmospheric pressure, because the internal water vapor escapes quickly, resulting in numerous internal microporous structures.

twin-screw expander

In this expander, two screws are placed side by side in the barrel. This is a multi-screw expander. Depending on where the screws are, you can tell if they’re engaged or not, and if they’re engaged, you can tell if they’re partially engaged or fully engaged, according to the way the screw rotates, there are two types of reverse rotation. There’s one inward and one outward type of reverse rotation.

single-screw expander

The barrel of the expander only has one screw. Screw units from different structures are connected by a shaft in this expander.

hydraulic press

It uses Pascal’s law to squeeze the oil from the cake ring.

screw press/expeller

Power-driven oil press that uses a screw shaft in the cage to rotate continuously to press the material.

screw prepress

Also known as “prepress”. Screw press that gives you a pre-press cake with a lot of residual oil.

worm shaft

As one of the main parts of an oil press, a screw shaft with decreasing pitch and increasing diameter at the bottom of the teeth is formed by several screws and bushings of different diameters on a single shaft.


The shaft that connects the screw and liner.


Hollow cylindrical part with a spiral rib.


It’s the collar between the screw and the press screw.

bar cage

This part of the cage is made mostly of a bar built on several cage plates or a bar or ring attached to a cage shell.

cage bar

Also known as “bar row”. The cross section of a press cage is almost rectangular, and the bars are different lengths.

pressure ring

A ring with teeth on the inside and oil grooves on the outside.


It’s a piece of steel that fits between the press bars to adjust the gap.

knife bar

Also known as a scrapper. It’s a plate with convex teeth that’s installed at the end of the press cage, preventing the material from rotating with the screw shaft.


The space between the cage and screw shaft.

cake thickness adjusting mechanism

Cake thickness adjuster.


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