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Peanut Oil Production Line By FY Extractio

FY Extraction is a company that offers a comprehensive solution for peanut oil production line. From peanut cleaning and shelling to oil pressing and refining, FY Extraction offers a customized solution that caters to the specific needs of its clients. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, FY Extraction is a trusted partner for businesses looking to establish or optimize their peanut oil production line.

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Peanut Oil Production Line Service

Combining our extensive experience in oilseed processing and innovative engineering, we provide turnkey solutions for industrial peanut oil production.

  • Project analysis

    Our team places a great deal of importance on pre-sales consultation, in-sale guidance, and after-sales service.

  • Technical maintenance

    After-sales engineers at FY Extractio will provide you with fast and professional maintenance services. FY Extractio will help you at any time.

  • Project management

    Professional project managers ensure projects are completed on time by providing strict progress follow-up management for every stage of the project.

  • Wearables and spares

    Fast access to high-performance original spares and wear parts wherever you are, designed to keep your production lines running.

  • Installation and training

    Perfect installation training service, guide the installation and commissioning of equipment, make sure the line runs smoothly, and train the customer's team until they're happy.

  • Renovation project

    Transforming existing production lines, replacing old equipment with high-performance equipment, and boosting old lines' production capacity to save customers money.

All in one solution for your peanut oil production plant 

FY Extractio is the ideal partner for businesses looking to establish or optimize their peanut oil production line. Their comprehensive solution covers the entire process, from peanut cleaning and shelling to oil pressing and refining, eliminating the need to search for different suppliers for each step.

FY Extractio provides a customized extraction plant that includes all the necessary equipment and machinery, such as oil press machines, solvent extractors, and refining equipment. Their use of advanced technology and equipment ensures maximum efficiency and high-quality groundnut oil production with minimal wastage.

Moreover, FY Extractio’s team of experts offers excellent customer service and support. They work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet their needs. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of oil extraction, FY Extractio provides valuable guidance and insights.

With FY Extractio’s all-in-one peanut oil extraction plant solution, you can start producing high-quality peanut oil at scale with maximum convenience, yield and ROI. Whether you’re establishing a new peanut oil production line or optimizing an existing one, FY Extractio is the trusted partner you can rely on.

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Optimizing the edible Peanut oil process.

With a track record of successfully delivering turnkey projects for both large industrial plants and smaller processing facilities, we have the expertise needed to design and implement the right solution for your specific needs and budget. Here are a few examples of our past projects:

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  • I'm thrilled with the results.

    I'm thrilled with the results we've achieved since partnering with FY Extractio to optimize our peanut oil production process. Their production line solution has been instrumental in streamlining our operations and increasing our efficiency, ultimately resulting in higher yields of high-quality groundnut oil.

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    Past Project

    With a track record of successfully delivering turnkey projects for both large industrial plants and smaller processing facilities, we have the expertise needed to design and implement the right solution for your specific needs and budget.

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    peanut oil pressing methods comparisions: Hot pressing VS cold pressing

    Peanut oil is a popular cooking oil that is widely used in many cuisines. There are two main methods for pressing peanut oil: hot pressing and cold pressing. In this article, we will compare these methods and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

    peanut oil hot press vs cold press

    Hot Pressing Method:
    Hot pressing is a common method used in the production of peanut oil. This process involves heating the peanuts to a temperature of 120-160°C before pressing them using a screw oil press. The heat helps to soften the peanuts, which makes it easier to extract the oil. This method is known for its high oil yield and short processing time.

    One of the drawbacks of hot pressing is that the high temperature can destroy some of the unsaturated fatty acids in the oil, which can affect its nutritional value. Additionally, the oil produced through hot pressing requires further refining to remove impurities, which can add to the production cost.

    Cold Pressing Method:
    Cold pressing is a method that involves pressing the peanuts at room temperature. This method is becoming increasingly popular due to its production of high-quality, edible oil that retains its nutritional value. The oil produced through cold pressing has a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids, which makes it a healthier option.

    However, cold pressing has a lower oil yield and is more time-consuming than hot pressing. The pressing technology used in cold pressing requires a more specialized pressing line and more careful handling of the peanuts to ensure that the oil is not contaminated.

    The choice of pressing method depends on the intended use of the peanut oil. Hot pressing is suitable for large-scale production and has a higher oil yield, making it a cost-effective option for producing cooking oil. Cold pressing produces high-quality, edible oil that retains its nutritional value, making it a good option for health-conscious consumers. Ultimately, the use of peanut oil and the desired oil yield will determine the most appropriate oil making method to use.

    Peanut Oil Processing Steps - The Essentials

    Peanut oil is a popular cooking oil that is produced through a series of processing steps. In this guide, we will explore the steps involved in peanut oil processing.


    Step 1: Cleaning and Shelling
    The first step in peanut oil processing is cleaning and shelling the peanuts. This involves removing any foreign materials such as dirt, stones, and other impurities. The peanuts are then shelled, removing the outer shell to expose the kernels.

    Step 2: Crushing and Flaking
    The shelled peanuts are then crushed and flattened into flakes. This process helps to increase the surface area of the peanuts, making them easier to extract oil from during the pressing process.

    Step 3: Pressing
    The next step is pressing the flakes to extract crude oil. This is typically done using a screw oil press, which applies pressure to the flakes to squeeze out the oil. The resulting crude oil contains impurities and needs to be further processed.

    Step 4: Refining
    The crude oil is then sent to an oil refinery, where it undergoes a refining process to remove impurities and improve its quality. This involves a series of steps, including degumming, neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization. The end result is high-quality, edible peanut oil that is suitable for cooking.

    Step 5: Storage
    The final step is storing the oil. The oil is stored in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. This helps to preserve its quality and prevent it from becoming rancid.

    The peanut oil processing steps involve cleaning, shelling, crushing, flaking, pressing, refining, and storage. Each step is important in producing high-quality peanut oil that is suitable for consumption. By following these steps, oil plant operators can ensure that their peanut oil is of the highest quality and meets the needs of their customers.

    Get Started with FY Extractio's Peanut Oil Production Line Solution

    FY Extractio offers a comprehensive peanut oil production line solution, including a customized extraction plant, oil mill, and oil refining equipment. Their expertise in oil extraction and commitment to quality ensures high-quality peanut oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids. With excellent customer service and support, FY Extractio can help optimize your oil processing plant. Contact us today to get started.