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Oil Dewaxing Technique

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to oil dewaxing techniques. Here, we provide rich information on oil dewaxing techniques. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, and we are committed to sharing our expertise with you.


What Is Oil Dewaxing

The oil purification and refining includes dewaxing,winterization and fractionation;

For fractionation, is the process which works with liquid or melted triglyceride, make cooling, precipitate and crystallization, separate the solid and liquid phase away then purify separately. Finally get the liquid and solid state oil. The dewaxing and winterization degrease belongs one special condition of fractionation. Fractionation is mainly used for palm oil.

Dewaxing points that remove the high melting point oil from the liquid oil(such as rice bran oil,corn germ oil, safflower seed oil and sunflower oil,etc), normally cool to 5-10℃ for crystallization, filtered under 15-18℃;

Winterization points that remove high melting triglyceride from the liquid oil(such as cottonseed oil,salad oil), finally get salad oil, ensure the qualified chilling effect.

Dewaxing machines

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Oil Dewaxing Glossary


The equipment provides suitable crystallization condition for the wax or solid fats in the oil.

maturing tank

The equipment enlarges the wax or solid crystals particle size.

winterization filter

Adopts filtration method to separate the wax crystals or solid fats. It has horizontal leaf filter and normal frame plate filter.