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Oil Expander

The big series of expander which is invented by our company, it is with advanced and reasonable structure,stable mechanical ability,outstanding technical process effect, long usage life, well-adapted oil seeds.

oil Expander manufacturer

Oil Expander Description

Its advantages are in the following:

  • The material is with big volume after expansion, the porosity increases,during the extraction process, the expanded material is with good permeability,fast extraction rate,low oil residue left in the meal(Less than 1%).
  • Improve the production capability by 30%,reduce the power consumption and energy consumption by per ton material.
  • With good crude oil quality,less non-hydrated phospholipids, suits for physical refining more, improve the refining yeild rate and oil quality effectively.
  • The finished meal is with good flavor,strong animal palatability.
  • Unique rotary hydraulic material discharge,precise steam injection design, make the material spraying evenly,thoroughly, superior structure design makes the operation easy,long usage life.

Benefit Working With FY Extractio

With a track record of successfully delivering turnkey projects for both large industrial oil plants and small scale oil mill, we have the expertise needed to design and implement the right solution for your edible oil production needs and budget.

Learn Successfull Projects

The Differences

  • Project experience across countries and regions

    The grease projects undertook cover more than ten provinces and cities including Shandong, Fujian, Shanxi, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang, and the complete sets of equipment were exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Thailand, and the general contracting of engineering technology was completed.

  • Exclusive Patented Technology

    As a result of its patented technologies in New technologies for energy saving and environmental protection, and Intelligent factory automation control, FY Extractio has achieved remarkable results.

    Through our work, China’s rice bran oil and woody premium grade oil have made great progress, and we have helped the company build a good reputation and accumulate a lot of strength in the industry.

  • Cooperation With University

    With long-term cooperation with Henan University of Technology, FY Extractio has great engineering design and research capabilities, complete scientific research, design, office hardware, and advanced computer design software;

  • Work During Chinese New Year

    We will be available even during Chinese New Year to provide you with the fastest response possible.We are available for meetings, emails, messaging any time during your working day.