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200T/D GMO-Free Soybean Process Project in Harbin


This project includes 200T/D GMO-Free Soybean press machine, 30T/D Soybean oil refining machine.

Client's Challenge

They requires pure physical press, without any chemicals contained.

Client's Technical Challenge

FY Extractio's Solution:

Our engineer designed with multi sets of press machine in parallel, keep the whole nutrients in the soybean. Adopts advanced soybean oil refining technique.


The client is very satisfied with his final oil quality, he says that, our oil is pollution free, no foam, prevent food from overcooking, no turning black. Now it is best seller in the market. We also have a good market on the superior quality pressed soybean cake. With FY Extractio such reliable machinery supplier, we do believe our final oil and cake quality assured, hope to expand the mill in the future soon.