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150T/D Rice Bran Oil Physical Refining Process Project


This project includes 150T/D Computer control rice bran oil physical deacidification refining line(First phase), 150T/D Computer control energy-saving dry chilling vacuum system(Second phase) in Jiangxi.

Client's Challenge

The client requires chemical & physical combined method, low consumption,low refining loss, high automation level.

Client's Technical Challenge

FY Extractio's Solution:

According to rice bran high acid value character, engineer designs with A&B deacdification combined tower technique, process the crude rice bran oil acid value drops from 60 to 3 with once physical deacidification technique. Ensure the whole production line economic benefits.


He is very pleasant with the oil quality, increase the second phase rice bran oil dewaxing project,20T/D Teasee press project, 10T/D Teaseed oil refining project. FY Extractio technique is reliable, quality assured!