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100T/D Full Computer Control Sesame Oil Physical Refining Project in Henan


This project includes 10T/D Camellia Seed Low Temperature Cold Press Line, 2T/D Flavored Camellia Oil Refining Line, 2T/D Flavored Camellia Oil Dewaxing & Degrease Line in Henan.

Client's Challenge

The client requires advanced and high quality sesame oil to meet with high-end market.

Client's Technical Challenge

100TD Full Computer Control Sesaem Oil Physical Refining Project in Henan

FY Extractio's Solution:

This project includes 100T/D Full computer control sesame oil physical deacdificaiton refining line,100T/D Full computer control energy-saving dry chilling vacuum line, 60T/D Full computer control sesame oil dewaxing & degrease line(Second phase),80T/D Full computer control peanut oil low temperature cold filtration production line(Third phase), 100T/D Sesame oil&Peanut oil Fatty Acid Capture System(Forth phase).


Engineer designs with physical refining with dry chilling vacuum line,keep the protein content in the oil, the final oil won the praise of market. Then he continues to expand the second phase project, third phase project to peanut oil, FY Extractio keep increasing his satisfication, then he expands forth phase project.

He says, if you require high-end product, choose FY Extractio is your best choice! Facts will prove everything!